Thursday, November 4, 2010


Made it back to one of my favorite thrift stores last week and look what I scored. I think my mother-in-law said it best. Goodwill is like going on and Easter Egg hunt looking for that golden egg!

First up this nice scratched up letter G that just so happens to be Gabe’s first initial.

Not so bad setting on a shelf in his room.

There was just something about this little stool that I feel in love with. Good thing is it’s sturdier than heck and has been put too much use by my 5 year old.

And last, but not least, and by far my favorite

The biggest Lodge cast iron skillet I have ever seen! It almost covers two burners. I think it will be perfect to fry up chicken and chicken fried steak!

Honest look at what my large fry pan looks compared to it!


  1. That skillet is a total score! I have been on the hunt for one for months now and have yet to find one I can actually afford! Totally jealous! :)

  2. Great finds! That skillet is amazing! I've been craving fried chicken lately, so let me know what night you're making it ;)

  3. Goodwill is my FAVORITE store. I've found ALL kinds of things there. A small table (which I redid), clothes for work, shoes that are new. How about a pair of Bear Trapp clogs? Dishes that I squealed about. Yep, it's my first stop shopping store. I can't make myself pay regular price for things at the mall bc of it. I looove your little stool!

  4. Looks like you found more than one golden egg in this trip! Love that stool! :)


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