Friday, May 29, 2009

Goodwill Junkie Update...

It's bad, really bad....

I live in a college town so this time of year is Goodwill overload. Students are moving back home and just dropping off their apartment goodies at my local Goodwill. It's been fun creating some new nifty stuff out of my junkie finds.
I do need to slow down , I keep forgetting to take before shots.

Thought I would show you a few things I have come up with this past week. I am working on some really good stuff right now and will keep you posted.

Yes, I chalkboard painted right over Jesus and his flock of sheep. I landed two of these for $.50 each. Did not even have to repaint the frame. Just the picture and added a ribbon to the back and got this.

This one hangs on hub's home office door.

This seventies beauty got a bit of a face lift too. I just loved the shape of it for $.50.

I covered the mirror with some burlap and spray painted the frame black. I plan on displaying my old baby spoon. Just got to remember where I stuck it!

This one I forgot to take a picture of before painting. It's from Pottery Barn and was a tarnished pewter ($1.50). Two coats of cream gloss spray paint and viola!

Burlap is so hot right now and I was looking for a way to add it into our decor. On Memorial Day I stopped by my local Hancock's and picked up three yards of this. I was super excited when I checked out and got all three yards for $2.09, thats with tax! I created a table runner for the coffee table and had enough left for one on the kitchen table.

I love the wood bowl with lemons in it. It was another Goodwill find for $.25! And the wood tray was $1.00. And yes, the runner is hot glued. For the $1.50 it cost to make I can just reuse it for something else when I want another look.

I got this tray for another redo. But after having it at home for a few days it really started to grow on me. I have held off on the spray paint and monogram for now. I am enjoying it just as it is and for the$.50 I paid for it.

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  1. Hi, Kate, I'm loving these burlap runners. All your redos looke great!


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