Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You will have to forgive these photo's. Time was of the essence last night!

There is a huge fashion fade going around here these days. Just as I thought my 9 year old was done with all those cute little bows. It seems that you are very fashion forward if you pull a bit of your bangs back and clip a small bow that coordinates with your attire for the day.

So, after passing all her bows along to my niece she has decided that she needs all news bows to match everyday. It was becoming a hassle keeping up with them, as she now does her own hair. While at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago I spotted all these wire accessories and thought AHA!

She liked the Eiffel tower best so that is what we went with. It has proven to be very handy in helping her find a home for this "new" fashion trend. I kid you not I see the college girls here in town with these little bows in the hair. I just cannot ever remember doing something like that when I was growing up Hee...Hee...

Works For Me (Us)!


  1. You are a genius! I love it! This is seriously the coolest idea I've ever seen for organizing hairbows.

  2. those are awesome! i love it.


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