Monday, May 11, 2009


I look forward to this weekend every year. Bedlam around this part of the country can get fierce! It had been 4 years sense we could claim the bedlam bell. Sadly, we did not sweep them but I was still just as happy with 2 out of 3 and ringing in that bell!
The kids and I headed up the turnpike Friday afternoon to T town. We had plans to catch up with some good friends of ours. Meeting up for a quick bite to eat at Ron's Hamburgers (Yumo)and then over to catch a few innings of their sons t-ball game. Hannah and Cade spent quite a few years hanging out with each other. And always love getting to see each other. It was great to see them again and he was able to come hang out with us at the bedlam game. OU had a great win that night in a sea of orange!

After crawling into bed at 2am Saturday morning Gabe was up at 7am! What is it with these kids of mine? They just do not understand the meaning of sleeping in. Needless to say we all had a nice nap that afternoon. After Gabe fought going down it was all I could do to get him up a 5:30 so we could make the 7pm game at Bricktown. But we did it and through the chill of the evening (66 in MAY) we pulled out another great victory. Thus sealing the deal that the Cowboy's would, for the first time, not make an appearance at the BIG 12 Tournament this year. They left the stadium that night with OU chanting "Season's Over" Yikes! I have been on that end and let me tell you it is not pretty.

Gabe enjoyed some time out on the field after the game playing a little catch with J.T.. He was fired up and ready to sign autographs, if anyone was to ask.

Sunday morning (Mother's Day) we got up early and drove to attend grandma's Sunday morning church service and lunch at her house. This was a nice treat as we thought we would miss seeing her that day. Gabe suited up and we headed back to the Brick. It was not the outcome we all had hoped. Even better we sat in a nice mist and 60* weather for 9 innings but it was just not meant to be. The day ended with Gabe getting to ride the team bus home. And me explaining to Hannah that this is like visiting the American Girl Doll Store for Gabe. She was happy for her brother and understood. And we all headed home.

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