Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Garden...

At last our garden has been planted. Much later this year than last which turned out to be a good thing with a few late freezes that we had.

Here are our zucchini and cucumber plants all nestled in a row. We planted a new patch this year of strawberries so we shall see how those turn out. Along with the usual tomato, green pepper, squash, cantaloupe and onion. I have always planted potatoes but didn't get my seed potatoes in time this year. So we will miss digging out our fresh little new potatoes for me to pressure cook this year.

Yep, that's Gabe off in the wee distance. He is quite my little garden helper. However, here I think he is trying to use his back hoe to move one side of our yard to the other. That boy loves him some dirt!

We'll keep you posted with garden updates! I am hoping that these tiny little things can hold on with all the rain I see in our forecast. No need to lay the alpalpha down just yet!

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