Tuesday, June 2, 2009

That Little Shack of a Shed...

I have been salivating over my neighbor's yard that backs up to us.

They are a wonderful couple who's father owned ,the once cow pasture, where our house sits now. I have cows to thank for my rich garden soil rather than red dirt!

When we first bought our lot ,to build on, the only thing that we did not like was this little shack of a shed, about three acres behind us. Little did I know then what treasures awaited me!

By trade he refurnishes, restores and paints furniture. He bids on storage units that have gone unclaimed and uses the furniture he finds in his re dos. The rest of the purchased goods are stored away in that little shack of a shed. And once a year it happens! That his his annual clean the shed out sale.

That shed is full of furniture! And the tents are full with everything that you can imagine!

I watch the two weeks it takes he, and his extended family ,to sort through and set up for this massive sale. Salivating each evening that I watch from may back yard.

It all happens this Thursday and I CAN NOT wait! I have even refrained from my Goodwill stops this week just waiting till Thursday! Hub's just sets back and laughs at it all. I'll let you know just what I come back with this year!

And as for those cow's that once roamed in my back yard, thank you. I am already enjoying some veggies out of may garden.

Remember this a few weeks ago?

Now have a look!

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