Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can't Buy me Love.....

I was thinking back to when a very young McDreamy was driving a mower just like this. Ah, those where the days when you couldn't get enough of 16 Candles, Karate Kid and Can't Buy me Love.

OK, back to my post.

Hannah finally reached it this summer! That is reaching the pedal without getting off the seat and having the mower stop. She was so excited that she was going to get to mow. Oh how I wish that would never wear off.

Here Ryan tries to tell her what she needs to do

Here she goes off doing what she thinks he said to do. As Gabe and daddy look on. Can't help but notice all the circular patterns in the grass around them.

After taking this picture I got a kick out of the background. Yep, that's Gabe trying to de-pants daddy. Guess daddy will think twice before he does that to any of the kiddos again and thinks it's funny!

Happy Mowing! May your children always want to "help out" free of charge!

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