Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cubbies Night!

Last night was Gabe's Awana Cubbies Award presentation. Amazingly he was able to complete the entire year. I will be honest, at first it was a challenge just to get him to sit still long enough to read the lesson.
He had such a great cubbie leader, Eva. Ms. Eva and Gabe really hit it off and this helped with his desire to learn, I have no doubt.

What an amazing program Awana's has been for us. It really helps each child hide the word of God in their heart. He was so proud to get his Cubbie bear and certificate with his name on it.

Next week Hannah will be recognized for her first year in Sparks.
This is another sign that summer is just around the cornner! We are looking forward to the slower weeks of not having to run here and there. But I welcome them back come mid August!

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