Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Giant Gumballs

Who wouldn't like a jar full of giant colorful gumballs?

The kiddo's helped me put together a few teacher gifts last night. If you have school aged children you are aware that it is teacher appreciation week . So with that being said I tried to come up with something cute and clever this year. If anything the kids REALLY got into it.

I took many different ideas that I came across online and combined them into this!

Printed off a cute little saying for each child and tied the mason jars up with a bit of ribbon and hot glue. After they write (draw) a sweet note of thanks to their teachers, they will get to have the joy of giving this gift to their teacher. Hannah was trying to think of everyone that has "touched" her life over this past 3rd grade year. Mark my word one day that girl will win an Oscar!

Any how for about $2.00 a jar it makes a nice thank you that's sure to bring a smile!

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