Thursday, May 14, 2009


This is how my night started.

Sweet Hannah had her awards ceremony at church tonight. She was honored with a ribbon for her participation in TNT this past year. We were very proud of her. She told me on the ride home that she wanted to work towards the Timothy Award. This will take the next two years to reach and require her to memorize 485 bible verses. Wish her (us) luck! I can't think of a better goal.

Then, two hours later, she was setting on the couch praying and clutching one of her American Girl dolls by candle light. The kids had been in bed when our electricity decided to go out. It took them all of about 2.9 seconds to come find us. In Oklahoma ,this time of year, bad weather is just part of everyday life. Living in Tornado Alley and a lighting strike zone gives the word thunderstorm a whole new meaning to the Gaines Gang! I swear there is something in the ground here that draws the lighting to us.

Grandparents kept us posted with weather updates. (Note to self...prepare weather radio BEFORE storm and power go out.) Concerned for their grandchildren they advised us to take cover. We have been blessed with neighbors that just installed a new underground storm shelter. And had given us a tour making sure that we new how to lock ourselves in when we needed to. I am very thankful that they choose this over the new couch they really wanted for their living room. We spent about 45 minutes of quality family time down there. Ryan was trying to get Hannah not to talk or ask a question every 2 seconds. And Gabe was seeing how many times he could "toot" in the cramped, damp, no air circulating death trap!

We headed back to our house at little after 11pm still with no electricity. I am amazed how the pioneers did it. My guess is they all enjoyed a good 8+ hours of sleep each night!

Midnight came slowly but along with it came back our electricity. The air kicked on and we sentenced everyone to there own bed and fell fast asleep. Never did we have a drop of rain or any wind.

Only in Oklahoma!

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