Friday, May 13, 2011

Here chick...chick...chick!

We visited my sister last weekend and her new “family members”.

Just a few weeks after they had to put their dog down {remember THIS}. They were on the hunt for something to take their kiddos mind off having lost their dog.

That’s when they lost their minds and became the owners of a dozen or so little chicks and a chicken coop!

Hannah and Gabe have been anxiously waiting to meet their new little cousins!

And boy did they get a kick out of them!

Spud showed us his special chicken training talents.

Hannah caught on quickly.

And the chicks learned to fear for their lives!

They had high hopes of gathering lots of eggs. But as the chicks have gotten older they realize they are all rosters, except for one!

We gotta get them plumped up.It won’t be long till we have us a nice little chicken fry!

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