Friday, May 27, 2011

Kelly's Home Part Two

I think if Kelly was mom when I was growing up I would never want to leave my room!

Check out her daughter’s fabulous digs!

I think she has a love for all things color and ugly dolls.

Her to die for vanity.

And I am in L-O-V-E with this tutu dress form. Filled with vintage lapel and hat pins that she has collected. Some belonging to her grandma!

Record albums from Kelly’s favorite childhood bands are framed on the wall.

Her daughter has a love for fashion and creating {wonder where she gets that?}. So there is a dress form in almost every corner.

This is one of Kelly’s favorite projects she did. Turning an old whicker dress form into a paper mached cutie!

When I saw that her son had a fireplace mantle for a headboard I had to ask where she finds all these great things.

Her all time favorite hunting ground is the first Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX. She has been going for the past twenty years. She can spend the entire weekend there and still not see everything. Her newest spot would be The Rink in Bethany Oklahoma. An old roller rink turned into junk/antique lover’s dream.

Seeing that her husband is a baseball coach, it’s only fitting to have a basket full of baseballs as a night stand.

Sadly Kelly’s only down fall is the fact she is from Texas {smile}. Her love for the state is reflected in her son’s room.

She has a dead tree in her master bedroom from her home town. It’s just the coolest next to the zebra print chair.

Some people collect shoes others purses but, Kelly collects jewelry.

Awe…how nice would it be to have that selection every morning?

 It’s her DREAM to one day open her own shop. To be a “Junk Gypsy” or an “American Picker” and travel the back roads searching for junk. Bringing it all back to her own shop for us to enjoy. I know I’d be the first in line.

Can’t wait to show you what she creates for her home. It’s something that she can do for you too!


  1. I'm just in love with her style!!!!

  2. Love it all...great inspiration in every single square inch of those rooms!

  3. Hey, Kate! I have to tell you I've spent the most delightful few minutes pouring over all your photos from Kelly's house. Parts 1 & 2! And I want more! Your photos along with Kelly's style is so VERY inspiring to me. I thoroughly enjoyed every photo I've seen so far. The practical side of me wonders how on earth she dusts it all LOL! but the creative side is eating it all up! Thanks so much, to you and Kelly, for sharing with us!


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