Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

I managed to squeeze a quick trip to GW over my rained out Sunday afternoon last week.

And you know  I love sharing with you my “treasures”!

Up first this nifty set of cream petal leaf cups, $1.20. They are the perfect size for freshly sliced fruit or on a large platter for holding dips.

A silver tray $1.20 just the perfect size for our remote.

There is something about a tray with “feet” that I can’t walk away from.

I also scored this round white worn wood tray from Pottery Barn $.99.

This extra large tear drop class vase, $2.89. On the hunt for something real cool to fill her up with!

And this vintage table cloth, $1.99.

I started collecting these, this past year. Perfect to toss into our picnic baskets on our trips to the lake.

I’m still hunting a few new vintage chairs and buffet side table. Hopefully this will be my lucky year!

Happy Hunting!


  1. lol - i think you might have meant "FILL her up with." ;)

  2. Wow...I never find anything that cool at our goodwill.

    And you might want to correct that "Feel her up" section...LOL

  3. Oops! Sorry I see Jessica already told you!

  4. Great finds! I have a set of those pretty petal cups in a pale yellow from my husband's grandma... they are just precious. I love the tray with feet. So cute! Soon it will be garage sale season... hoping for some great finds too! :)

  5. What awesome finds! Way to go!

  6. Love your finds!! Those petal bowls are perfect and I adore vintage linens. Total score!

  7. Love that tray with feet for the remote! I want to go shopping with you :)

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  9. Love your finds and your post title! I will have to share some of my recent finds too.


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