Monday, May 2, 2011

Little Miss iphone!

Thought it would be fun to show you a bit of our weekend via Little Miss iphone! I have seen lots of blogs lately who have done the same. For me it's all about the fact I have not posted anything in 5 days and have down right got nothing ready for today. Ever been there?

I took Friday off to chaperone Gabe’s first class fieldtrip.

I ended up with these three boys and I quote “I am giving you these three because I think you can handle it”. Hmm…

15 minutes, into our 45 minute commute, they were asleep. No lie!

We enjoyed engulfing ourselves in giant bubbles.

Working in the auto shop.

Dumping buckets of water on anyone who came close. Then this is when one decided to venture out on his own for about 5 minutes without telling anyone. We had a meeting of the minds and all was well after that!

Painting our own faces.

Is it me or does that red paint resembles a Chevy bowtie?

Getting to lunch and realizing that I only packed bread in our baggies…with nothing on it!

Sure sign that I need a nap or I am much older than I look {smile}

Anyone know this person? HE cut me off while talking on his cell phone. I politely honked to warn him and then he began to speed up and slam on his brakes in front of me. I have lots of random pictures like this yet never follow up…awe…but one day I will.

Baseball Tournament



And a catcher who tells me he needs a “cup”. A cup of what I ask, LOL!

Hannah’s last game of the year

And year end soccer party.

Then the most splendid thing happened Sunday…it rained! That meant that baseball games were cancelled and I had a “FREE” afternoon!

I’m glad to report  we still won the tournament…out of 10 teams we had the number one seed and had gone undefeated all weekend. So by default we were champions!

It needs to rain on the weekend here a bit more often!

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  1. I always have this happy or guilty dilemma when games are cancelled.:)
    Kate, I have to tell you I actually did a snortlaugh when I read what you did with the bread! I'm sorry but that is funny! In a "I can SO relate to that" way! Field Trips. You're making memories!


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