Friday, December 11, 2009


I wanted to share with you a quick {and frugal} gift my kiddos will be passing out to their friends this year.

Ryan and I had been gifted a few of these way before the kids came along. And Hannah and Gabe latched onto them, so I decided to make a few for them and their friends.

 Hannah chose to name them Sungglekins!

I used pinto beans for the “stuffing” on the ones I made for the kids. Beans tend to stay hotter a bit longer than rice. However, they have a slight odder right after they are heated up {my kids have never noticed}. If you are going to gift these as aromathetic for adults I suggest using rice.

You will need a heavy fabric. For mine I used 1 ½ yards of thick flannel. This will create six 13X13 squares.

Take your fabric and fold it in half lengthwise and cut six 13X13 inch squares.

Take each square and fold like sides together and sew a ½ hem around the border, leaving about a 2 inch hole on one end. Remember to double stitch your corners as the Beans or rice will be a bit heavy.

Through your opening pull the inside out so that the print will show. Make sure to use your finger to punch the corners out.

I used an empty paper towel roll as my funnel and filled the bags with about 3-4 cups of beans. Then whip stitched the opening shut.

That’s it!

I created a cute little tag to attach to elevate any confusion as to what it might be. My kids take them to bed, in a cold car, to soccer games. I use them for sore muscles, congested chests and my cold feet at night. And I just read this week that if you want a good night’s sleep make sure your feet never get cold!

I would love to post a download of the of the label I made, just as soon as I figure out how to do that! If anyone has tips I would be forever grateful!

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  1. Great idea! Perfect for hot pack, or cold pack.

  2. This is such a cute idea that little one's I'm sure love! Thanks for sharing!

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous


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