Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The cookin' is done!

I believe that our Christmas baking is done this year. With the exception of baking Jesus a birthday cake next week!

It began with a box full {and half my table} of ingredients that I had gathered. Followed by 6 hours on my feet with karo stuck just about everywhere.

Funny how each year I tend to make the same goodies.

We get lots of request for our caramel apples we make for teachers each year.

And the mounds of fresh popcorn that make a melt in your mouth caramel corn.

For the kiddos we created cookies in a jar for Santa and could not forget his reindeer.

I did mix up a new chili mix and cherry granola.I like to think of it as my "healthy" option. HA!

So, with a party to attend every night this week and a birthday party this weekend, we are ready to go.

It always warms our hearts to surprise someone with an unexpected goodie.  I believe that everyone loves to receive a beautifully wrapped treat! No matter how big or small.

My goal is to instill in my children that it’s not about buying a gift. But taking the time to create something special that tells someone how thankful you are for their service.

Then they turn and ask if it’s ok to ask Santa for both a DSI and an itouch! Hopefully in the years to come something will sink in those cute little noggins!


  1. This looks great, Kate! I love how you added little dishes and bowls into the gifts. Great idea!

  2. wow it all looks wonderful....the food and the packaging is smashing!!

  3. OH MY GOSH! you need to open a shop or something! everything looks so beautiful and SO delicious. i think you've motivated me today to make SOMETHING!

  4. I love all your gift and packaging ideas! They are beautiful and look soooo yummy.

  5. I agree with your philosophy and your gifts are beautiful.

  6. Your apples look amazing. I have tried to make them twice but without any luck. Can you post your recipe or any tips. Thank you and Merry Christmas.


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