Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Have Gone SEW, SEW, SEW Crazy!

My “Goodwill Hunting” has been on hiatus this past month as I have become highly addicted to my sewing machine. Entering a fabric store for me is like an alcoholic going into a liquor store. My mind is racing with what I can do with this and this. Not a good mix!

 I think it stems from years of wishing I could make that, to now I CAN make that.

I have yet to use a pattern for anything and wonder if I am even capable of using one. Sometimes I am not the most patient person{smile}. So if I can do it you have to at least try it!

I wanted a super cute MacBook cover. Then one day while surfing etsy I found a ton of cute ones and thought I can do that

So, I did.

I love the look of these stockings and pillows from Ballard design.

I found the fabulous French print at my local home fabric store for half the price of Ballard design. It’s a nice heavy canvas weight. So I copied them!

I learned the hard way how not to have these puker!

Our couch is super deep, and now when friends come over, we all don't have to hop on with our legs sticking straight out! And I am 5"9!

Then I wanted the kiddos to have cute Christmas pillow cases.

So I made them…

And a few more.

I promised my family I would pack Janome away until after Christmas.

But I am already dreaming of next year.My New Year’s resolution will be curtains for the living room {and maybe a few others}! Unless we are iced in for a few days before Christmas. Then I might have to bring her back out just so I can keep idle! Hee…Hee..

Sew on my friends...Sew on!


  1. You are on a roll! I love everything you've shown here. Love the laptop case especially! The pillows look great ~ I love the fabric you found. I only have two pillows to do this year as a gift, and I have the front pieces {pictures put on fabric}. I just need to go out and get the backing fabric and forms.

  2. I Love your creations! I so wish I could sew! maybe one day....

    and in Feb. when we are tired of the snow, I will be happy to send some your way ;)

  3. LOVE them!! I've been wanting to sew, but haven't been able to drag all the stuff out because I'm still in the process of unpacking my house!

  4. You are so talented! I want to learn to sew!!

  5. are you going to list any of this on Etsy??

    LOVING the houndstooth mac cover and green apple velvet pillow!

  6. You are a sewing crazy woman. I don't know how you managed this w/Xmas so close. Anyway, is the fabric store a chain? I'd like to get some of the French print fabric. Your Mac cover is darling.


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