Friday, December 4, 2009

A little Bribe Never Hurt!

It was the day after Halloween and the weather was just “picture” perfect. So I wanted to take advantage of it and snap some urban pictures of the kiddos. In hopes to get a head start on our Christmas cards this year.
 {Click on any of the pictures to get a better look!}

We had a soccer game that was going to keep us tide up until about 4pm. And with the time change that meant the sun was going to set at about 6pm.

So, I only had a small window of time. That’s when it hit me to bribe them.

Yes, I bribed my kiddos into taking pictures. I had promised that whoever did the best job for me I would buy them more ounces of ice cream at Orange Tree {their absolute favorite ice cream store}.

And you know what it worked!

It worked to well. So, now we are stuck trying to pick the best shot out of 100 and they are all great.

You can be rest assured that yes, I will be bribing with Orange Tree again come spring time!


  1. I don't judge! Whatever works!

    Your children are beautiful and I imagine I would be having a hard time deciding, too. I'd also never be able to decide which to frame and I'd have them all over the house!

  2. Hi Kate ~ Just wanted to come back and let you know that I got those crown stickers {and a couple of others} from Brambleberry Lane on Etsy.

  3. Love that last one! What a great idea to have your Christmas message in the picture like that. They are all wonderful!

  4. those pics are sooooooooo cute!!!!!

  5. LOVE the outfits. The scarf and tie are adorable touches!

  6. These photos are incredible!! I absolutely love each one. You must be so happy about it.

  7. These are really great photographs of your children.


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