Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meet My New BFF!

I think I am still smiling on this one!

This past week the University that I work at had their annual bike sale. It’s held once a year to clear out all the bicycles they have “impounded” over the past year.

So, sense I have been longing for a Beach Cruiser bicycle I decided to stop by on the way to work.

Imagine my surprise when I pulled up at 8:15 am to see a line of about 30 had already formed. I pondered for a moment if it was worth it. Why? You might ask. Well it was about 28* out and 15 minutes until they opened the door. But, as I saw more people gather I decided to go for it.

So, I hopped out in my white coat and 3 inch heels and headed toward the line. With each step I could feel my heels sink about 2 inches, even as I tried to walk on my tip toes.

Standing in line I realize that I am the ONLY female out here as the grown Nintendo boy man behind me taps my shoulder and asked

“Can you tie my hoddie?”


I asked a bow or knot?

He stated bow and I did it! All along I’m thinking I should double knot this hoodie of his.

After my frigid wait the doors were opened.

My eyes searching the sea of bikes looking for the tale, tale, handle bars of a Beach Cruiser.

Then I saw her!

Sparkling in the dim light calling my name I gently let her glide along side me as I tried to figure out how much she would be. The tag stated all her information along with 225. I thought not a bad price but not great either! Then I read the sign “ALL BIKES $20.00!!!!” I ran to check out!

What a site I must have been trying to rearrange my car to get my bike in {heels and all}. I realized that there was no hope of getting the bike in with the kiddos. So, I put all the seats down finding a molding apple and various other decomposing foods. That, in its self, is another story. But, after moving everything around she was in.

I took my new pride and joy’s information and goggled to find out more. Turns out she is a Simple Beach Cruiser made by Giant with a custom Unity seat. It is a 2008 model and retailed for $599.00!!!

I was shocked! I just purchased a “like new” $600.00 bike for $20.00. Yes, I am still smiling!

However, I am not smiling over those hips that the good Lord blessed me with. Just a sad, sad site!


  1. That is so neat! I love it! I hope you get many miles of riding out of it {not all at once, of course; over the years}.

  2. You are lovely and the bike is too cool!


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