Friday, January 29, 2010

Lovin' the Salvation Army

When Hannah was just a baby, I can remember showering her with clothes. As she grew older I was addicted to Gymboree and Baby Gap. Everything from her hair bow to her shoes matched…ALL the time!

I would resale her things twice a year at or cities Just Between Friends Sale. Thinking I would NEVER put my child in “used” clothes. What a FOOL {snob} I was!!!!

Fast forward five years to the birth of our second child. It was then, that I slowly aloud myself to let them where clothing that had been worn by someone else. I’m not sure why this ever matter to me. Then one day it hit me. Was I being a good steward with what He had given me?

So I began shopping the JBF sales.

That reality check put everything in perspective. My children now proudly wear gently loved clothing. This allows us to funnel money into something else. Like savings, travel or giving back. It also allows me to invest more into their coats, shoes and book bags, items that get lots of wear and tear.

We are blessed that we are able to provide new clothing for our children. And don’t let me misslead you. They still wear lots of new clothing and are happy and content with what they have. But, have you been to Salvation Army or Goodwill lately?

Just this past week, I was looking through the clothes trying to find some “fabric” for another appliqué shirt I wanted to make. And I started to really look J.Crew, Lacoste, Gap, Mini Boden… Hello! I decided these where just too good to pass up! It was half off day and I scored all that you see here for $21.00!!! My best guess is that it all retailed for about $350.00 plus tax.
Funny thing that I learned on the way, I was teaching my children a valuable lesson, especially Hannah. We all know that today’s society is centered on materialistic items. It seems to reassure us that we are secure, that we have a place in this world. Hannah has cued into that already at the age of 9. This is just another way for me to show them it’s not about what you have, what you wear or where you live. It’s about being a good steward and understanding that life is not about the materialistic things that we have. It’s about living a life full of Christ. It’s about struggling with what we all struggle with, coveting thy neighbor.

And did you notice? Even my trip to Salvation Army was materialistic. It didn’t dawn on me until just now! All my “loved” items are name brand names. So, I continue to struggle, just like us all.

 I am linking up to Bedlam and Beauty today make sure to stop by as she will have lots of great finds to show today!


  1. Kate - LOVE, LOve, Love this...not only did you walk us through some wonderful finds, but you shared your history behind it. Thanks for linking up. :) Glad I can people your way, so they can hear your heart as well. :)

  2. Great finds and beautiful display of them! I loved reading about why you second-hand shop too. Such a great reminder for ourselves and teaching for our kiddos.

  3. Cute stuff...and I don't think it's too materialistic to search out quality and cuteness at a resale shop. If it's a no-name brand, it might not last as long or be as comfortable as some tried and trues!

  4. I have found fantastic clothing at our Goodwill and Salvation Army. It takes so much time to wade through everything but it's worth it. I try to go once a week (on Mondays) and usually find at least 4 or 5 things for the kids. Every once in awhile I'll find something for myself. I can ALWAYS find something that can be re-purposed for the house.

  5. Thanks for stopping in at Southern SPunk....Looks lie we're Peas in a Chartreuse Pod.

  6. Those are some great finds! I used to wear second hand clothing as a teenager. I find myself wanting to return to those simpler days b/c the prices of clothing these days coupled with all the waste in the world, we should all be recycling, reusing, etc.

  7. I was similar myself. I did have to laugh though while reading your words & then seeing all the name brands.

    When you are buying used though, it is usually the nicer quality & usually the name brands that hold up enough to last more then one person. The lesser quality brands, only last 1 kid. Even though a lot of the Aero, Ambercrombie & Hollister tees are so cheaply made, you are lucky to have them last one person.

  8. I was also opposed to "previously loved" clothing when my son Zeke was born. But we had a great second-hand store right down the street, and on one of their sale days I braved the madness with a few friends and (literally) dove in head-first. Now that we've moved I am getting back into the consignment/thrift-store thing. The thing about most clothes at goodwill, I'm finding, is that they look like they've been washed MAYBE once. And the shoes I found looked like they would have after I wore them for MAYBE a week. So what's the use in buying new? Of course I'm sure I'll still buy new. *sigh* work in progress.

  9. Wow!! what great deals. I rarely come across anything really great, but then I don't look all that hard!

  10. Wow you found some great clothes! I have randomly stumbled across FOUR lacoste shirts within the last three weeks at women's consignment and local thrift stores. Only two of them were in good condition but you better believe I tucked those babies under my arm and high tailed it to the check out counter. I paid $2.60 for mine!. I never really thought about it but I guess I am being materialistic by only searching out name brand clothing at thrift stores. But in all honesty the nicer brands are going to be the clothes that will have held up and usually still be in good quality the second time around.

  11. Glad I can people your way, so they can hear your heart as well. :)

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