Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fourtune Cookies to Go!

My kids LOVE fortune cookies, what kids doesn’t?

And, I had a stack of these leftover from an after July 4th sale. They have been around long enough to collect dust!

So, I was determined to give them a try this year.

I googled for funny kids fortunes then typed up, and printed off a few sheets.

Using Paula Deen’s recipe I got to work.

Surprisingly it takes very little ingredients to make these little goodies.

A great tip is to allow them to cool in a mini cupcake pan so they hold their shape.

I tucked a sheet of parchment paper in my take out box and stuffed it full!

Not so sure I would take the time to make these for an entire class, maybe just for friends and family.

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  1. How cute, Kate! I would never have thought of making fortune cookies. Great idea and the boxes are just perfect for this!

  2. Kate,
    Wasn't sure if you got my e-mail. I don't want to keep bugging you. wasn't sure if I should leave my e-mail posted here. Let me know how to get you the recipe and you to leave me the one for the caramel apples/caramel corn. Thanks!!


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