Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 2ND Birthday Hannah!

Happy 2nd Birthday Hannah!

We celebrated with a dinner at McDonalds and cupcakes from our favorite baker!

I know she looks a little bit older than two, and you would be right!

You see, it’s Hannah’s spiritual birthday. It was two years ago that she accepted Jesus as her personal savior.

Hannah wears a sliver heart pendant, given to her by her nana, around her neck. It has her spiritual birthday engraved on it. What a witness piece that has been! People will comment on it and ask her if that’s her birthday. If you know my girl, this is the perfect invite to tell you her testimony!

Thank ya’ll so much for the great ideas on my new little lazy susan.

Jane suggested using it as a serving piece for hor d’ oeuvres…fabulous!

Cha Cha said it would be great in the bathroom loaded with cotton balls and makeup caddies.

Kristy thought it would work great loaded with mason jars to hold all my crafting goodies. Me too!!! I have been buying these jars for the past year when I come across them at Goodwill. So I moved susan into my laundry craft room and loaded her up!

She’s going to hang out here for a while and work a few parties in between!

Thanks to everyone for all your great ideas!

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