Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hemming Kate's Way!


I am a newbie, self taught sewer. Therefore, I am 100% sure there is a better way to do this. So I’m calling this one, keeping the distressed hem on my family’s jeans, the Kate way.

Start by having your subject try on the jeans in shoes that will be most worn with them. Pin accordingly to desired length.

Personally I like to pin all the way around to keep the garment from moving when I sew.

Line up the outer hems, starting at one hem and making a complete circle.

Slowing stitch {using a very tight, short stitch} just up under the top of the original hem.

Then fold jeans back up into the leg of the jean.

Iron … don’t be blowing this picture up cause’ my line is a tad off {smile}.

And there you have it, hemming 101 Kate’s way!

At this point you can keep the material turned up and just whip stitch down. Or, what I do is sew an enforcement stitch all around and then trim off the access.

Works for ME!

Now, if I can figure out how to make mine longer, it may save me from trying to find tall’s!


  1. Great tutorial! I am not a seamstress (by any stretch) but would like to be able to hem my husband's pants.

  2. My mom used to do alterations professionally, and that's how they did tricky hems so the Kate way sounds good to me!

    Oh wouldn't it be nice to magically be able to extend the length of pants?!

  3. What a great idea! I always have to hem everything, including jeans, and I was wondering if there was a way I could still have that seam on the bottom - now I can!

  4. Thank you Kate. I have a pair that needs hemming and I just dont want to do it the "correct" way. Your way sounds so much faster and easier.

  5. What a GREAT idea!! I'm 5'3" so jeans are usually about 10 inches too long for me. It seems even the petites these days are long!! I know how to sew, but hate the look of hemmed jeans, because they usually don't look good! Your way lets you keep the original hem! I love it! Thanks for let me go hem 15 pairs of pants....


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