Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hole- In- The- Wall

It started, like all things do, when I could no longer fit the vacuum cleaner back in the closet. We all have that beloved kitchen junk drawer, or two.

I also have this…

A nice quant little hall closet.

That is until you open it.

Last week I had succumb to the realization that I no longer could allow this to go on.

So, while dinner simmered on the stove I proceed to remove everything form this hole- in -the- wall.

Yep, there is that never ending red burlap bolt, broom and junk in the bottom.

Fourteen winter coats, for two grown adults.

I will add that I live in Oklahoma where the weather is downright CRAZY!!!!

A large box stuffed with wrapping paper and bags.

And look at this… who knew if you didn’t move anything, out of a closet for 5 years, that little bunnies would make a home. Who am I to destroy all their coziness?

That’s the main water shut off for our home. It was in such an easy place to get to!

Needless to say, that in under an hour, I had donated 8 of the fourteen coats. Whittled the paper and bags down to a tiny little box. Stashed the burlap and junk where it needed to be. And moved the dust bunnies down the street. Parked my vacuum cleaner with enough room that I didn’t have to lean on the door for it to shut!

Now, only if it will stay that way. Don’t all kitchen junk drawers after a good clean out? Ha!


  1. LOL! I SO get you on the coat thing. Since moving to Oklahoma our coat collection has seriously grown and there are SIX of us!!!!! Can you even imagine?! Plus I am super frugal so I save the coats for the next boy in line. YIKES!

  2. inspiration to go clean out my closets!

  3. I know you feel better after doing that! At least you know where your water shut-off valve is. We had a burst pipe 2 weeks ago, and I had no idea where to turn off the water.

  4. You would think they would stay that way, but then we think, "I've got room in here now, let me just put this in here". And the vicious circle starts all over again. I just did the same thing with a desk last night. Cleared out 12 years of school pictures that were extras. Do I really need 8 additional prints from each year both my kids were in school.

  5. This cracks me up... only because I have an IDENTICAL hall closet with the same bunnies and all! I just recently organized it and amazingly it got messy again in only a few weeks!! Hope yours stays tidy longer. :)

  6. I think I could find a home for a coat or two ;-)
    love your 'new' blog!

  7. Love it! Thanks for sharing your bunnies with us, and encouraging me to tackle mine!!!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :)

  8. Hi there, I so need to do this to my hall closet. I just keep cramming more stuff in there.

    I'm going to get some walmart wood cleaner and try it on my couches. Thanks for the tip!


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