Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Has it been hot in your neck of the woods?

Here {in Oklahoma} we are on day 16 of 100-105 degrees ... DAY 16!

 Do you know what that does to kiddos during the summer?

 I have been keeping them locked inside until about 8pm. Only to tie glow sticks around their necks so I can keep tabs on them outside in the dark.

So, these next few days I’ll be sharing some activites {beside the movies, library and mall} my kiddos have loved during these HOT summer days. In hopes to help some parent out there that is feeling my pain. And hopefully you will have some great ideas to share too.
Sunday afternoon I filled and tied 500 water balloons, while the neighborhood boys stared and drooled in amazement.
At 8:00 p.m. sharp they had about 15 minutes to launch as many balloons at each other they could.

The hubby {big kid at heart} joined in the fun.

I think the kids had more fun trying to nail him with balloons.

For a mere $5.00 and two hours of filling time the kids had a blast. Sometimes I forget about the simple things kids love.


  1. My boys have been begging to play with water balloons, but I am dreading the mess afterwards. I'm holding out for a day when they have some major cabin fever and them I'm going to say yes:)

  2. It is SO gross! But you get the blue ribbon, it's a TEENY bit cooler on this side of Oklahoma than it is in your neck of the woods! Did you at least get a little bit of rain the other night?

  3. It is very, very miserable out during the day. This is a great activity and memories being made..I nominate you Kool-Aid mom of the year.


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