Wednesday, July 20, 2011

End of the Season

Somehow, we as parents, allowed out 6 year old to join a competitive T-ball team this past season.

Hmmm…in retro spec it might not have been the best parental move we have made. But, as with everything, it was a HUGE learning experience.

He had a blast learning his position as a catcher… It was about the only position that helped him stay somewhat focused and in the game.

Drinking green Gatorade.

Hitting home runs {and learning NOT to drop his hands when swinging}

Or just making it to first and learning to LISTIN to when the coach says to run.

One thing he can do really well

Is slide.

And get Oklahoma dirt red dirty!

We he have fulfilled our obligation and made it through our first year of competitive t-ball. And my eyes {and ears} have a whole new prospective on competitive sports.

 But this group of boys play’s with true heart and was lots of fun!

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