Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's time to leave the nest...

I respect nature and wildlife, I really do.

And I understand that I can be fined up to $10,000.00 for trying to remove this lovely little nest of Mud Swallows from my front porch.

I have been one patient mama {not a strength of mine} waiting for these little ones to fly, fly FAR away.

So that I don’t have to scrap this off my front porch every morning.

This is their third year to stay with us, in the EXACT same spot. After they move out I am bleaching those rocks in hope to “relocate” them to a more coastal view!


  1. Aren't they evil! I hate when they dive bomb you! We have fans on the front porch and leave them running all of the time...they won't nest with the fans on. (We discovered that purely by accident, they were nesting on everyone's porches but ours and ours is the only one that has ceiling fans so we are sure that's the reason.)

  2. You know I think they might have more than one batch of babies in a year. I could be wrong about that but it sure seems like it.

  3. hahahaha aww so sweet though!!!

  4. We had the same problem. I finally just left the nest for them so they wouldn't make a big mess building it, and they NEVER came back! HOORAY! No more barn swallows for me!

  5. Oh man that stinks! We have a bird nest in our backyard,and so far the only trouble that caused was that the birds pecked on our tomato plants!

  6. they are so cute...I love nature but the front porch would be hard..


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