Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweet Ruthie

This is sweet Ruthie, just 6 days old, that I had a chance to shoot last week.

Newborns are like an aphrodisiac

Tiny little grunts….

Short, hot, sweet little breathes.

  All those wrinkles and peach fuzz!

  Ahh… lately working with all this “newness” has made me long for when mine were just little bits. Then I close my eyes and remember the sleep deprivation and I am quickly cured!

  Nothing like looking into the eyes of one of God’s greatest gifts.


  1. Aw, she's adorable! That's the great thing about being a grandparent, Kate. You get to have the fun without the sleepless nights!

  2. These photos are gorgeous! Helps that the model is beautiful I'm sure, :)

  3. Oh goodness... she is precious! Beautiful photos!


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