Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Final Four

If you have been following this blog for some time you may have been able to piece together where I work.

For the past 6 years I have had the privilege to work with the University of Oklahoma Women’s Basketball program.
And each year we work towards playing as long as we can in post season play. So when we made it to the Final Four, in St. Louis, last year. It was only for the second time in the programs history.

This year we made it back to the Final Four  in San Antonio. Only 6 programs have ever gone back-to-back, and we are one of them. So proud, so, so proud!
 We had 24 hours to pack our bags and head south. I took Hannah with me again leaving Gabe home for a little Easter love.
We were welcomed most graciously at out hotel.
Enjoyed views from our room.
Dinned up and down the river at some really fabulous places.
This was our favorite. A nice little Italian place with great bread.
I’m not sure if Hannah liked the meatballs better or feeding the birds.
We learned that tree roots grew up around the river to keep from drowning.
That St. Anthony is the cities name sake.
We always left room to stop by here each day.

We spent a fun filled day with friends at Sea World.
Feeding the dolphins.
Watching Shamu.
And riding rides with our eyes shut tight {at least mine were}!

We took one after noon to head over to a local market. And imagine my joy when we saw this across the street!
Hannah, was not as excited.
It was an entire city block.
With is own cafe! I have never seen such a site.

We stayed on the river without a car so finding a church, other than Catholic, was hard Easter morning.

So we had a quick breakfast.
 I took Hannah to San Fernando Catholic church. {We are lifelong Baptists}

It's over 275 years old, and is the oldest continuously functioning religious community in the State of Texas.

This was Hannah’s first Catholic experience, and most likely her last!
It was hard for her to get over the smell of all the incense that they burned. It was a learning experience for her, to say the least!
So we headed to the River walk for a nice Easter Brunch.
Back to the hotel to change and over to watch the pep rally on the river.

Then it was game time!
The Alamodome is huge and we enjoyed it all, just not the outcome of our game.

So we headed back home Monday morning, sad that we had lost, but ecstatic that we even made it back. Before jumping on the plane we stopped by our favorite breakfast joint one last time.
I loved this little deli and it had nothing to do with the fact that I could order lox & bagel's, yum!
Next year the Final Four is in Indianapolis, and I have already promised Gabe I would take him.

Boomer Sooner...Go OU!


  1. That must have been fun! Not only to make it that far with the team, but to spend some quality time with your daughter in such a great area! BTW, they don't burn incense at every mass! : )

  2. That looks like so much fun. I want to visit San Antonio now!

  3. Boomer Sooner, Congrats on your teams success!!! And who knew San Antonio was so darn historical, I had to re-read for a second for I thought you were in Italy ;)
    Great Times!

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  5. Even us lifelong Catholics get a little teary eyed over the incense, we have no idea how those standing near it can handle it? My girls are glad it is only a few times a year. So excited about the chicken pressure cooker recipe, as well as the Easter recipe I will be bookmarking for next Easter. What a great Easter analogy.

  6. Beautiful pictures! I lived within 2 hours of San Antonio for 18 years and I don't think I have even seen most of those sites...of course we read all about them in history class! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Yay! I'm from San Antonio and am so excited that u visited my hometown and loved it! I feel like I have to make a few stops and fall in love with it all over again! Awesome!


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