Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thin Mint Brownies

I love me a Girl Scout cookie.

I’m giddy every year when I see them start standing outside my local grocery store.
And we tend to buy them in bulk.

Do-si-dos, Tagalongs and Samoa’s are all my favorites.
But this year we ended up with a lot of thin mints. Though I enjoy them, they are not my personal favorite.
So, I decided to add a few to some post season brownie mixes that I picked up for $.25 a box.
I placed one sleeve of cookies in a Ziploc bag and used a rolling pin to crush them.
Mixed my brownies just like the box said. Added the crushed thin mints.

They turned out simple, fast and just perfect.

I will be linking up over at these great blogs- Tempt My Tummy - Tuesday at the Table - Tasty Tuesday


  1. I love thin mints and brownies. What a perfect combination.

  2. i have thin mints hidden in the house somewhere tee hee!! i think i may have to whip up a treat for the weekend!! ;o)

  3. Ok, that is a fabulous idea! I love the thin mints. I think this year I ate about 6 or 7 boxes myself. I am going to try this next year. I bet they are delicious!

  4. I don't ever actually buy GS Cookies, but IF I did it would be Thin Mints and Samoa's. YUM! Brownies sound awesome.

    Why don't I ever find great deals like that on post season foods!?

  5. Oh I shouldn't have read it. Decadent and Easy! My kind of homemade sweet. Mint and chocolate is my favourite. Seriously I may just have to go buy me some mint chocolate chips. Sigh. Thanks...I think?

  6. Looks delicious. I have a mint brownie pie recipe that uses thin mints.


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