Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do you have a popcorn tree?

Don’t you love spring?

I have to admit fall is by far my favorite season. But, there is just something about spring that puts a smile on my face.

Years ago, when Hannah had just started to talk, we were out on a nature walk. When she pointed up to a blooming pear tree and said…
Look mommy a "potkorn teww".
So each spring we are always on the lookout for popcorn trees.

And buttered popcorn bushes.

We have come up with all kind of names for plants that we see out and about.

They even named our newly planted bald Cypress tree Bob.

So am I alone or does anyone else give nature’s blessings another name? Or, do my kids really need a pet if they are giving our trees and flowers names?

1 comment:

  1. My grandma and I always said the trees were going to a wedding. The big white ones were the brides, the pink/purple ones were bridesmaids, and small white ones were brides. :) So no, you are not alone.


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