Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy B-Day Hannah Banana!

Today I have been a parent for an entire decade!

A DECADE, people!

{3 months old}
It's hard to believe our “little” blessing turns 10 today. She is only one shoe size away from me and I’m women’s 10! Let’s take a moment of silence and pray that she grows into them.
                            { Age 2 - Cookie pop in pocket with Determination }
My pregnancy surprised us both and even more so when we learned she was a girl.
It took her all of about 30 seconds to have her daddy wrapped around her little finger, for life.
{Happy 8th Birthday}
She has such a sweet and loving sprit about her. Always putting others before her {even her little brother... sometimes}.
{Happy 6th birthday}
She walks in Christ and that makes our hearts sing.
{age 3}
She has taught us patience, that children thrive on consistent parenting and to learn to love the color pink.
{Happy 4th birthday}
She adores cupcakes, angel food cake and her mommy’s cherry
jell-o salad.
{ Happy 2nd birthday}
We cannot imagine our lives without her here. And can only dream what she will teach us and where she will take us in the next 10 years.
{Happy 3rd birthday}
For these are the children God has given me. God has been good to me. Genesis 33:5
{Happy 7th birthday}
Happy Birthday to our little Hannah!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful daughter you have. Gorgeous pictures. The baby picture at the very top is too cute for words. Thanks for sharing and ~Happy 10th Birthday~ Liz

  2. Oh my gosh, your pictures are beautiful. I love, love, love the b&w baby picture!!

  3. Gorgeous! The time goes so daughter just turned 11 and is wearing my shoes. Happy Birthday!

  4. I had a friend who had size 13s in 6th grade! And I've always been on the too small of feet scale......funny how that all works out!

  5. Aw, she's such a gorgeous girl. That 3 month picture it divine. Congratulations on a decade of motherhood!

  6. What a wonderful trip down memory lane! Beautiful pictures. Congrats on a decade of motherhood! I only have a half-decade under my belt. ;)


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