Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Final"ly Home!

We made it home and in bed at 3:14 AM on Tuesday morning. Not the outcome that we had hoped to come back with. But, it was a great experance for everyone. Hannah is my little travler and loves to visit new places just as much as I do. It had been a few years since I was in St. Louis and this was Hannah's first time.

Our hotel greated us with a great welcoming party! Everyone enjoyed the Girl Scout cookies that were waiting for us . We made a pit stop to our room and walked over to Union Station ( at one time the largest train station in the world!) and enjoyed some hamburgers at Hard Rock Cafe. We stopped to pick up some Dt. DP for mommy and headed back to our hotel.

The next day we had planned to vist the
City Museum with Dr.Smith's family. Having heard that it was lot's of fun we were excited to go. We arrived at 11am and were in awh... no maps or guides you where just let loose to explore all seven story's. For the next 10 hours we climbed, crawled, crafted, created and enjoyed both lunch and dinner. If you ever have to spend time in St. Louis this is a must!!! With or without kiddos! We went back the following day for another 4 hours, and lunch!

We had dinner that night with the team at Charlie Gitto's. A little italian place just up the street from the new Cardinals Stadium. Hannah and I had walked over to check it out earlier that day. It is a fabulous new stadium and we got to watch them prepare for Opening Day that was to be on the following day. After taking a few pic's we moved forward towards the great Mississippi and the Gateway Arch. Hannah loved looking at how wide the river was and how tall the Arch was up close. We did not get the chance to go to the top ( something I am very greatfull for) as they has just closed for the day. Walking back to the hotel ,about a 14 blocks (uphill), Hannah begged to hail a cab. I forged on stating that this would be great exercise. When we FINALLY arrived at the lobby my legs were in shock and me feet longed for a few blister bandades!

Our last day found all of us (those with kids) at the
St. Louis zoo. On this day I liked to think of us as the Dugger's. We were a site to see, that's for sure! This was a wonderfull FREE zoo. My expectations were low after hearing that it was free. However, this truley is the best zoo I have visited. With over 6,000 animals, beautiful grounds and a georgeous day, we all had a great time!

After all the waiting it was game time. We gathered our pom pom's, painted our faces and walked across the street to Scottrade Center. Two hours and 10 minutes later we walked back across the street packed our bags and headed home. We were all still in a state of shock. Sad that it was all over... that is until next year.

I am greatful for my job and the people I work with. The places it allows my family and I to visit and the memorys that it gives us all. A special thanks to Nana & Papa for taking care of Gabe while we were away. It sounds like he had a great time.

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