Thursday, September 30, 2010

A little Bit of History

Well seeing that we had checked the kids out of a week of school. I felt like we need to see a few “educational” sites while we were in NYC .

First things first we stopped to drop thier classes a post card.
Then we visited the New York City Library in the heart of Manhattan.

 Taking our pictures by these to famous lions.
I never knew the labor of love this building took during construction.
We learned about how they brought all the marble into town to build the massive structure.
The detail that went into the ceilings

 And arch ways was amazing.

We visited the main reading room

The children’s floor
Here they housed the original stuffed animals that the author of Whinne the Pooh based his stories on.These had been his daughters play toys that inspired him.

We spent just an hour walking all over the library and would have stayed longer had daddy let us!
This would classify as movie history right?
Can’t pass up F.A.O on 5th ave and dancing on the BIG piano.

 Then it was on down to Battery Park to catch the ferry over to Liberty Island.

 I think Gabe could have just rode the boat back and forth all day and been as happy as a little blue bird.
Not sure if the Coast Gaurd boat and machine gun made me feel any better.

We spent three hours on the island
And learned more about the Statue of Liberty than I ever dreamed of.
Walking up to the platform I was able to get a view straight up inside her.

Did you know that she is made of copper and is just a bit thicker than a penny?
Here is the original torch that she held. We replaced it in the mid ‘80s.
The weather was fabulous and we got to see all the great views from her pedestal.

This is where ships that came to America entered and the first thing they would see was Lady Liberty.
After many long days of walking this sign was so much funnier at the time!
 Having spent three hours on the Island left us with about 45 minutes to tour Ellis Island.

I know that the kids would have stayed three hours here too, if we didn’t have a Yankee’s game to catch.

 But the highlight of the day was taking the ranger oath and becoming National Park Jr. Rangers.

Gabe was so proud…only 400 more parks to go!
On our last day in town we visited the National History Museum…all four floors of it.
The kid’s main goal was finding Dexter, T-Rex and Dum Dum form the movie Night at the Museum.
Only to be saddened that not everything looked just like it did in the movies.
The museum was unreal

 It felt at times they had two of every animal on earth, and I would almost venture to say somewhat like Noah’s Ark. Sadly the underlining tone of evolution was prominent everywhere and we by passed a lot because of it.
That evening Ryan took Gabe back to catch another Yankee’s game

And I took Hannah to her first Broadway show
The Lion King

She LOVED it and can’t wait to see more.


  1. Love those pictures! I'm telling you, I am really craving a visit to NYC now! Plus you shared things I've never done. I've always wanted to see the library (and the lions..Temperance and Charity?) and now I really want to go! It looks like it was a beautiful day for you.

  2. Wow looks like you had fun and seen a lot of neat things. I love New York and had the joy of taking my 2 babies there 3 Christmases ago. There is no place like it!!! Enjoyed the pictures.

  3. OK... I seriously want to go to NY now! What an amazing learning experience. I have always wanted to see Ellis Island and see where my family came into America. Thank you for sharing your fabulous photos... I feel like I was there! :)

  4. Wow! What a fabulous trip! Looks like so much fun and so educational. Your photos are so beautiful! Have a great weekend!



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