Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Uptown Thrift!

On the way back home, over the weekend, I decided to take a small little detour and revisit the thrift store where I bought my very first college couch!

My off spring were not as enthusiastic about the detour…until I saw this sign and informed they can pick out any one item they wanted! LOL!
I was so overwhelmed by my visit I failed, yet again, to take any pictures of the massive mounds of stuff they laid inside.

Here are the things I picked to bring home with me.

This lovely ceramic basket that I used to place by my kitchen sink.

An Abercrombie and Fitch wool hat
That I tried to get little man to model for me but he was too worried about how it was itching his head! He will thank when he wants to play outside in 20* weather.

These lovely, and long, wool gloves that remind me a bit of Anthropology.
Martha Stewart cookbook. After I took this picture I removed the book jacket and found the hard back book to be printed in cream and turquoise.
I plan to tear this Christmas book up and use its pages for some Christmas garland.
I turned this little stand
Into this cute little stand.
And I was most excited about the set of 12 lime green linen napkins that I got in mint condition! Can’t wait to slap a monogram on them for Christmas gifts!

I got everything that you see here for $16.00!

Rest assured that I will be making this detour again real soon.


  1. I love that you have a vision for all of these things and wish I could think like that. Yay for Mrs. Meyers products! I use lavender, geranium and honeysuckle at my house. :)

  2. oh wow Kate that is awesome. I love how you used the ceramic basket (I use the same products)lol LOVE the hate and gloves!

  3. wow - i think i love every item you bought! what fantastic prices!

  4. Great finds, Kate! I love your idea of monogramming those napkins for a Christmas gift!


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