Thursday, September 16, 2010

A look into the Past

My mom gifted me an old sewing basket that she picked up at an Antique Store she visited a few weeks back.

I love to look into other people’s lives, seeing what and how they kept things.

I wish that they still used wood spools for thread.
I love the color and fonts on them all.

She used old tin containers, now vintage.
To store tiny buttons, safety pins and snaps.
And this keychain I assume was a promotional item used by the fabric store that she shopped.
Kay-Det shoulder boards.
I cleaned up the basket and plan on using it myself.

And remembered a post that I saw here on using old wood spools and decided to make me a few.
Yes, I know it's a safety hazard to use a hand saw this way.

But I was to lazy to clamp them down.
After sawing a little through the side
They make perfect holders for pictures
And vintage postcards.

I will be linking up here today The Shabby Chic - Black Kat Design - House of Hepworths -

1 comment:

  1. Seeing your photos reminds me of my grandmother! She passes away 2 years ago and I inherited all of her sewing things, she stored many of her buttons and things the same way. I have 2 or 3 OLD shoe boxes tied up with string full of buttons, zippers, etc. Every time I need something it is a treasure hunt. :)


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