Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The 10 Blinking Red Lights of DEATH!

Two years ago my husband and I decided that we “needed” to increase the size of our flat screen in the living room. I decided that we also needed to upgrade the couch too!

Thus, moving the current TV into our bedroom and purchasing the “much needed” larger screen for the living room.

Everything has been just peachy, until last week when hubby turned on the TV to catch a game and nothing.

Oh, we have sound because that is wired through our receiver but the TV was dead… except for 10 blinking red lights. Now known as the blinking red light of DEATH!
I was quick to log onto Panasonic’s website and have a live chat with a technician. Who, in a long and friendly way, told us we were hosed. Informing me that the one year warranty was up and we had not purchased the extended warranty.

He kindly referred me to a local technician who intern kindly told me that it will cost about $490 to fix! That blue arrow is showing you how I tried to blame the plug in and drug an extinction cord to another outlet, still nothing!

I ‘m beginning to think it’s been nice without TV in the living room and I am sure that I could find a fabulous picture to hang there for half the price!

We have decided to take the TV down ourselves and take it to the technician. This will save us $100, if all goes well and we don’t drop the larger screen that we “needed” in the process! Please say a little prayer, and if anyone has had this happen and has a better option please let me know!


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry, but I must say that small shot of your family room is lovely!

  2. There must be something in the air, because our main flat panel tv, with the dvr controller, is acting funny, about to die, too! Like yours, there will be sound but no picture.

    We've had luck with turning it off and then back on and the picture will come up - yeah!. When it's on, the picture quality is great, so we're baffled. We've joked about never turning it off.

    I told my husband that when it finally goes out, we should go a week with no tv, then we (our 2 kids - ages 14 & 11) all just laughed, then groaned because all the new fall shows are starting and they especially don't want to miss glee.
    Wishing you luck on a quick/easy repair!


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