Monday, September 20, 2010

Just added 18 games to my about you?

Ah fall, crisp fresh air, pumpkin baking, homemade potato soup and 18 games of soccer and flag football.

And so it has begun…
Hannah had her first fall soccer game last weekend.

However the 90 temp and humidity made it fell a bit more like the dog days of summer.
Gabe was really enjoying watching Hannah’s game, can’t ya’ tell!

An hour and a half latter
Gabe was preparing for his first “football” game.
And time to down the coveted cleats!
He is the quarterback and daddy was giving a last minute prep talk on how to catch the ball.
And so was his coach!
He had two games back-to-back
Trying to stay cool between games made me wish that I had been a Gator way back when!
Hannah seemed a tad bit more interested in his games and he had been at hers!

Here Gabe is telling his coach that he doesn’t need to pass off the ball because he can run really fast.
Then when he tried he didn’t know just how to get around all 4 defensive “men”.
But the second time he was going
Then it was time for a sno cone.


  1. nice shots! the sky is so blue

  2. i got one of those egg timers that you posted about awhile back. I used it this morning and loved it! My boiled eggs were perfect!!!

  3. Hopefully the weather changes for you soon. It's so fun to be out in the fall air watching games. Great pictures!


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