Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweet Tea Anyone?

I guess you could say I live in the South, and down here we like to drink us some fresh sweet tea.

To me it’s like making toast, you just know what to do.

But then I realize that not everyone one might know how.

So here is how to make the best sweet tea around.

Start by bringing to boil {I use the microwave} 4 cups of water.
As soon as it comes to a boil remove from microwave and slowly pour in 1 cup sugar, stirring until dissolved.
Add two tea bags; I like Louisiana Ice Tea Tea bags.
Cover with plate and let steep for 10mintues. Here is the key DO NOT let it steep longer than 10 minutes or your tea will start to have a bitter taste.
Remove tea bags and pour into pitcher adding about 6 cups of cold water. I like to use a clear glass pitcher and eyeball the color of my tea. Depending on how dark and light I want the taste to be.

Chill and sip away!

• Note: after water has boiled you can double it by adding 2 cups sugar and 4 tea bags and so on.

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