Thursday, September 9, 2010

Look Out!

We had just about the most perfect weather here in Oklahoma for Labor Day weekend. So we soaked it up all that we could.

Grandpa took us all back out on his party boat.
And how scary is this?

Little man got to drive the boat while grandpa went to the back and kicked up his feet.

Gabe are you doing ok?
Sure thing mommy o’!
Honey what about that boat straight ahead?
WOW, that was a close one!
Before long grandpa took back over as we headed over to what we call the “fun ride” boat. That’s grandpa’s fast boat that we use to knee board and tube with. Or Gabe’s favorite, the fun ride!
The next day we headed over to my in-laws to do some visiting and eating of course.

Nana had Minute to Win it lined up for us to play.
Here Gabe explains to his cousin what they need to do to win.

Let me tell you this is a fun family game for all ages.
My favorite was the petroleum jelly dipped nose carrying as many cotton balls as they could.
I hope that you and your family enjoyed the holiday as much as we did!

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