Monday, July 12, 2010

My First Goodwill Outlet Experience

When we were visiting Omaha a few weeks back I had a bit of free time. And remembered the team bus had driven us by a Goodwill outlet one day.

You know me we just had to go. This was my first trip to a Goodwill Outlet where things are priced by pound not item, and requires LOTS of digging on your part.

I was so overwhelmed with everything in the store I forgot to take pictures.

While shopping they made and announcement. “Attention customers ALL furniture today is priced at $.97 cents EACH.” I just about passed out on the spot. They had a TON of things that I wanted.

{Please forgive the pictures via iphone}

Like this kid size table that I new would look oh so cute redone just like the ones from PB and $.97 cents!
This baby I wanted soooo bad. It would have been a fabulous project and I even had it taken to the front of the store. Sadly there was no way that I could cram it into my Tahoe for the trip home. With my head hung low I had to leave it behind.

But here are a few things that I did make off with. All for just $1.00 each!

This oak picnic basket I fell in love with.
I just searched it on eBay and they want $59.99 for it!
A lovely new stand for the kitchen.A baking sheet turned into a perfect magnetic board.

One Shabby Chic suitcase.
A tin vintage English chocolate package.
A book with paintings from the first 300 years in America.

I can’t wait to get a few of them framed. I found it on eBay too for $19.99.
Especially this wild turkey.
This leather handled basket that I put by the back door to hold pool towels. Turns out on a trip to Anthropologie I noticed that it’s their shopping bag!

And a fabulous vintage bird tray.

Just had to share my love for all the charm I come across at a Goodwill.

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  1. You paid a DOLLAR for those things?! It's like Christmas in July! :) Totally jealous!

  2. OMG ! You found the greatest things and am green with envy !! LOL !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  3. Wow, what great finds and how can you resist those prices!

  4. Uhhhh I’m drooling over here! I’ve always wondered where all their extra items went. I’m surprised some of those items even made it to the outlet…………..I would have snatched them up at the regular Goodwill! I’m going to do a little search to see if we have one in Texas.

  5. Ahhh man no Goodwill outlets in the Dallas, Texas area. They do have a few in Austin so next time I head up there I’m totally making a stop!!! Knowing me I’ll plan an trip to Austin just so I can hit up the outlet!

  6. Kate, those are some awesome finds! So sorry you couldn't get that furniture for 97 cents. WOW. That was a neat old piece standing on it's side, what a deal that would have been.

    But, you did score on the things you found!

  7. Love your picnic basket! I found one this weekend too. :)

  8. you found some incredible stuff!! Your photography skills are incredible!! I posted a similar wire basket a couple weeks ago!!

  9. I'm lovin all of your great finds!!!

  10. You did soooo good, Kate! I actually said "oh no" out loud reading about that buffet piece, but you still did fantastic! I can not believe the furniture was $.97 ~ that is just crazy! Love the picnic basket and the tiered baskets.

  11. What great finds!!! Girl, I want to shop with you ;)

  12. I have never found such good stuff at our Outlet! We do go there for our kids bikes and dressers.

  13. Never heard of a GW Outlet, but trust me, I could use one in this area! You had a very good day!

  14. Great finds! Love the vintage tray.

  15. I've never been to a Goodwill Outlet, but now I'm off to search for one so I can try and get an amazing 97cent furniture sale too! :)

  16. ok, you have to tell us where it is at, i don't have one in my area but I could drive to one if it is close enough. You said you found one in Omaha, where about?


  17. I would have died and gone to heaven if I was at a Goodwill outlet....let alone having all the furniture be 97 cents! LOVE your blog and I am your newest follower :)

  18. love your blog! i noticed a mcness spice canister in one of your photos, i live in the small town where that's made!


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