Thursday, July 29, 2010

EGGsactly the Gadget we ALL neeed!

If I were to be honest I really don’t think I could boil eggs without it. And until a few weeks ago I thought everyone knew about this nifty little gadget. I was oh so wrong…and then it hit me maybe you don’t know about it either. And I sharing this with you now will be a life changing event in how you boil your eggs form this day on.

I have used this exact one for the last 20 years and it still works perfect every time!
It’s simple; just place the Eggsact Egg Timer in the middle of pot full off water. Then slowly place your eggs all around it.
Set your lovely little pot on the stove and boil until your Eggsact Egg Timer shows the firmness that you want your eggs to be cooked. Choose from soft, medium and hard.
Once they have cooked to your desired constancy turn off heat and let cool in water.

Easy peasy…


  1. question - do you think they still sell them- I have one that's over 25 years old and can not/ would not boil my eggs without it! Love it!!!! Now I need to buy them for my boys when they get out on their own!

  2. What an interesting little gadget! I've never seen anything like it before. I wonder if they still sell them. I can always use an excuse for a new kitchen gadget :)

    I'm jealous you have a Braum's! I love their banana nut cookies.

  3. I just ordered a set of 3 for $13.99 from the link you provided. I have never heard of these and I don't know how I've cooked eggs without one. I figured my Mom and sister in law needed one as well since there was a discount for buying more than one.
    Thanks for posting about this!
    Also, I just emailed you about something so make sure to check that out!

  4. Amazon sells this item from $5.03 and it can qualify for free shipping as well.


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