Friday, July 30, 2010


Let me start from the beginning…

Ryan new that I had wanted a small NY decal for the back of my car. This was the first time I have ever requested to put ANYTHING on my car. So I had expressed my interest in it being about 3 inches tall and very “clean lined” no color etc.
So he surprised me with this. A nice 8 inch tall NY decal for my car. He had no idea when he ordered it what size it was going to be. Needless to say I was not going to be applying to my car anytime soon.
I got the clever idea to make him a board for his office. He had been asking for something to have a work to display the kid’s pictures and drawings that they make for him. Seeing he offices at a baseball field, I thought this was fitting.
Using my level ,as a spacer, I taped off pinstripes across one entire side.
Spray painted it Yankee blue.
And then removed the tape for perfect stripes. Loving how it turned out!
I applied the logo over the stripes.
And used these to adhere to the back for hanging.

I was so pleased with how it turned out.

Grabbing a magnet to hang Gabe’s T-ball picture on it is when I realized what I had done.

While at the hardware store I was so excited about the square 24 x 24 sheet of stainless steel I was getting for a mere $13.00. I failed to stop and realize that stainless is NOT magnetic.

One of those "duh moments" I wished came to mind before I finished the project.

So now I am stuck with trying to figure out a way to make it work. I might try sticking magnet sheets on the back and see if the stainless is thin enough to work.

Sigh…It would have been so cute!


  1. Oh no! It turned out so cute. I wonder if you could paint the back with magnetic paint?

  2. You can buy special magents for SS, they work great! I bought a pack of 20 for about $5.00.

  3. If magnets don't work, you could buy clear photo corners and put those on there in whatever pattern you'd want the pictures to go and then you could at least switch out photographs so he'd have a photo board. Could maybe put a few clothespins along the bottom to hold schoolwork?

  4. I have done this before myself - and purchased "extra-strength" magnets from Micheal's, then if you put one behind the board and one on top of the photo it will hold it up fine. They are super strong though, so don't put it near a computer. :)


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