Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Loathe to Wash Windows!

I few years back, when the window washers were in my office I asked, “What do you use to get the windows so clean?”

And he gave me his secret little recipe.

I was shocked that it was so simple and have been using it every sense.

You can tell by the “cleanliness” of this window how much I loathe washing windows!
Now look at it after I used my special formula

Awww…. I just hope it doesn’t rain for a while! Note: all those tiny dots you see are actually paint splatter, leftover from my good 'ole builder, that I am to lazy to scrap off.

Here is what I use

Best{est} Window Cleaner Ever

1 part ammonia –to-
10 parts water – and-
2 drops Dawn dishwashing soap

It works great in a bucket with a squeegee and also in a spray bottle for touch ups.

Happy window washing to you all!

I will be sharing this over at these great blogs Works for me Wednesday - Finding Faboulus -  Flaunt it Friday - Feature Yourself Friday


  1. I hate washing windows too... esp my glass front door with all the doggie-nose smudges!! UGH!

  2. Ugh. I know what you mean about windows. I don't really "mind" washing them, but I need to do some paint scraping also and yeah, don't want to go there. (We won't mention the fact that I can't reach the tops of the windows)

  3. What great tip! thanks for sharing!!!

  4. I like using white vinegar and fine microfiber cloths. No ammonia smell and streak-free clean!

  5. I just gave our windows a once yearly washing and just used a little dish soap and water. I did have to make sure I wiped the windows with a dry cloth to avoid any streaks. Next time I'll try your formula.

  6. I saw you at Chic on a Shoestring and had to come over because I have some windows that are in some serious need of cleaning! I'll have to get some ammonia- now what do I do about getting motivation?

  7. Great tip! thanks for sharing

  8. fantastic - great idea and super cheap...I hate washing windows too ... maybe I'll suggest this to my husband...LOL

  9. Thank you for the tip! The window looks great!


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