Friday, July 9, 2010


Let me start by showing you the hottest room on our house.

Our master bedroom... and I don't mean THAT kind of hot. Geez people get your minds out of the gutter {smile}!

You see that nice set of bay windows? They face due west, without any trees for shade relief. On a hot summer day, in Oklahoma, this room can easily be 20 degrees warmer than any other room in the house.

It was miserable to sleep in such an “oven” during the summer months.

Desperate {almost lining the windows with foil} I stumbled across these at my local Wal-mart a few weeks back.
I bought a few panels and was willing to give it a try.

Not only was it now 20 degrees cooler we were able to tell, in one month, a drop in our electric bill.
However, they are dog ugly!
So I added a bit of trim here

and there.

Now, it's trickled over into “revamping” this entire room. I am so done with the animal print and brown colors.
It’s time to make it bright, light and airy!

If you are looking for window coverings that can help give you some relief, I highly recommend the Eclipse panels from Wal-mart.

I'll be sharing over at Feature Yourself Friday - Flaunt it Friday


  1. Great room!! Our master bedroom is awful and gross and did I mention awful? LOL

    Anyway, we bought some room darkening cellular blinds that are lined to help with the heat and they made a huge difference in the living room. We REALLY need to get them for our bedroom and the boys bedrooms as they face west and WOW those rooms get hot!!!!

  2. oh I LOVE what you did to them!! So stylish!!!great job

  3. I really like your custom additions, it makes those so nice. I'd love if you link this up with Fabric Fun Thursday (I hope you can remember!) I had to put black out lining in two of my windows because of heat.

  4. I've used thin blankets to insulate drapes on the hot side of the house, so I know they work. But YOUR drapes with their trim and pleats are really gorgeous. You have a good eye for stylish combinations.

  5. Wow, can I come and spend the weekend? He he
    I love your room!
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Oh! I might have to check into those! Our master bedroom has the same problem!!

  7. Additing the trims to those curtains made a huge difference, they are great!
    I have lined all of my curtains with blackout lining and it has also made a difference in winter!
    Enjoy your cooler nights!


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