Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How I cut a Melon

Yes, this post is really about how I cut a watermelon.

My kids can gobble up a melon in no time flat. So I like to make one mess and store it in the frig for easy access to all.

I take my nice plump watermelon
And stab her in the heart! Ha!
Cut the melon into quarters and work on one quarter at a time
First, cut the melon lengthwise
And then across. 

Now, while holding the sliced quarter in my hand, over a bowl, I go back and cut it tip to tip.

Leaving me with nice little bit size pieces.

Perfect for popping into any little baggy.
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  1. I love watermelon!! It's my favorite summer time fruit! I've got 2 in the kitchen now. I think I'll cut one up today. :) Great method!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Maybe I won't butcher my watermelons anymore! :)

  3. I keep thinking as I cut watermelons up... how do the pros do this? You have a great technique. Thanks for sharing!! Blessings!

  4. LOL I cut mine in cubes all the time too! makes it easy to grab a bowl full when you want it


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