Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It Really Can't Be!

It happened this weekend…I now have to check off that next box up when it asks for your age bracket!

Birthdays are a reminder at just how fast life can pass you by.

This is me and my BABY {age 10}. I swear to you that I just changed her diaper 10 minutes ago.
This little man I was just pregnant with him yesterday, promise!

We had a great weekend celebrating with family. Eating pizza and cupcakes on campus corner.
Then over for a little glow bowling.

My nephew had it down. Drop your ball kick it and then stear it to a strike!
I got some really “rad” cooking gadgets this weekend and have full intentions of using them over the next few weeks. So I hope to have some great fast and easy recipes coming soon.


  1. Happy Birthday Kate! Looks like a wonderful way to celebrate! Love your photos, especially the last one... you are gorgeous!! :)


  2. HAPPY Birthday!! You look amazing in that new "bracket" :)


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