Monday, September 14, 2009

There's Only One...

Harrah Day Parade!

For the past few years the kiddos have been invited to lead Papa's way in the Harrah Day Parade.
Papa owns Sooner State Driving school in town and has allowed the kids to be example student drivers. This year we invited the cousins to join in on the fun and all that candy!

The parade is held in September, almost always on an OU Football game day. So the kids dressed their part to show their Sooner Pride.Here Gabe is geared up and ready to hit the open road.This picture reminds me that I need to get out an lobby to have the driving age raised to at least 25 years of age.Gabe sums up the excitement among the group. I just love all the spunk in that only little eyebrow. It's so tempting to want to cut it but such a part of his little personality. We call this one Spud. He can just about eat his weight in anything. And made sure that the candy was good enough to toss.
As we waited to join the parade line. A local insurance agent was walking down handing out flyer's. I'm not sure what relation the little baggie was, but very glad that it was labeled SPINACH!
Also while we waited the kids had a chance to do a little candy catching.
And then after this picture my camera kindly reminded me that I failed to charge the battery. So I lost the chance to show you just what a blast we all had. If you have the opportunity to make your hometown parade I encourage you to make the time. Your kids will thank you for it all day long.

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  1. I LOVE the upside down Longhorns on the back of the truck!!


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