Friday, September 11, 2009

Dimonds in the ruff...

I really am slacking with posting my Goodwill trash to treasure finds. I promise you I will be pouring more effort into it very soon.

For now here are a few goodies that I picked up last week at my local Goodwill.

My eyes first laid upon this with thought of a gift giving chalkboard. I'm always drawn to things with non-standuard shapes. But, after getting it home and gussying up the frame it grew on me.

So I hung it on my newly painted walls in my laundry room re-do. Not bad lookin' for $3.85!
{Please don't judge me for my top loading washing machine. I just can not bring myself to pay $1,200.00 for a new one until this one flat out dies. I enjoy the top loading much more than the side loading one.}

I have been eyeballing this at Target but in my cheapness just could not bring myself to pay the $59.99 price tag , for plastic. So imagine my happiness when the Goodwill employee rolled this right out of the back room to my feet.

Looking at the price tag I blinked a few times...$3.00 and after my discount $2.90. I was jumping up doing heel kicks to my car. It had a bit of dust on it but looked as if it had never been used. No bad oder's or discoloration. So after a scrub down in the back yard I rolled it right into the laundry room.

Now it's home to the rest of my ribbon.

Happy hunting to you all this weekend.


  1. Wow! What a different a black frame makes!

  2. Nice finds! Top load is the way to go, according to our longtime appliance repairman. He said the front load machines just don't get the clothes clean.


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