Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good ole' books...

I am a true lover of all books. Though, over the years, life has played a bigger role and I have dwindled in the number I get to read. I still enjoy all the great places they take me and the adventures I go on.

When Hannah was a baby I started reading to her all the time. Not just books but what ever was around us. Sadly, she has yet to share in my love. Granted she likes the concept of the books. Checking them out, buying them, caring them all around. Hannah just cant sit still longer than a chapter. She is my constant work in progress.

My entire family loves old children's books. The illustrations and colors are amazing. The kiddos especially like the library books with the old dewey decimal system. It's exciting to look over the library cards and see who read the book before them. It's fun for mom and dad to reminisce over all the books we remember from our childhood. And the kids find it hard to believe that we are THAT old! Most of these I have picked up over the years at local garage sales, Goodwill, and our city's annual library book sale. This is one of my favorites...mainly for the cover alone. I was able to pick this one up at a local sale for $.50.

Hannah did like this one. Even more when daddy told her the story about when he visited the real Liberty Bell. And how one day he hoped to take her there. {I chimed in and he started calling me the Liberty Bell, little sinker!}

We hope that this year we will see some snow to play in rather than our normal ice fall that we get.

Check with your local library and find out what day they hold their book sale {and write it in your calendar, blackberry, iPhone whatever}. You and your kids will have such a great time.

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